Is your website ready for the future?

The statistics speak clearly: the number of  people using mobile devices to surf the Internet is overtaking those using desktops/laptops, and more and more people are using smartphones and tablets for online browsing, searching and shopping.

Yesterdays websites were never designed for this and urgently need to be re-evaluated and brought up-to-date. Sadly, many website owners simply pay for a website and then forget about it; that is a tragic waste of a valuable resource.

Do you know if:

  • Your website is GDPR compliant?
  • Your website is W3C compliant?
  • Your website is responsive?
  • Your website is mobile friendly?
  • Your website is working for you?
  • Your website attracts regular visitors?
  • Your website can be found on Google?

If you answer NO to just one of the above then your website may be failing your business in ways you cannot see and could be losing you potential clients, worse still your website may be breaking the law.

The Internet is no longer just about revolution, it's about evolution and it is evolving every minute of each day. If you don't evolve with it, you may find yourself ending up on the losing side.

At PPS-UK we don't just build websites, we evolve them.

If you're wondering why we don't display prices, it's because every site is different and deserves to be quoted on rather than categorised into a single price frame. Every site we develop is different, so are the costs. Easy site, cheap price, complex site, more expensive but we will still provide the best we can regardless of price.


Free Website Health Check

We can check your website FREE of charge for the following:

  • W3C Compliance
  • Responsiveness
  • Mobile Friendliness
  • GDPR Compliance

We are offering a basic check outlining any weaknesses or failings in your current website. Simply complete the short form below and click SEND. We will send your report with our findings within 7 days of receipt.



If you find the results of the short report interesting and would like a more detailed report highlighting the errors and failings found, and what can be done to correct them, there is a charge of £45.00 for the full report.

Alternatively, if you would like us to bring your website up to date we will be happy to provide you with a free no obligation quote; or tell us your budget and we will itemise what we can provide to fit within your budget.


Responsive and Mobile Friendly Websites

This is what we do and have been doing since 1999. We have provided websites to a huge and diverse range of businesses nationwide, many of which have remained clients from the outset to present day; such is their trust in our abilities and fairness in doing business.

If you are looking for a new website, contact us.

There's no obligation and you will find that we're just like you when it comes to wanting to work with the best and getting the best deal possible.


Website Updates and Refurbishments

It's a different world out there today. What was good for you yesterday may be damaging your business today, or the very least reducing your opportunities to gain more business.

It only takes a moment to find out how your website stacks up in today's digital world; can you afford not to take a moment to find out?

Do you have an old website that could do with a fresh new look?

Do you want to make sure that it is responsive and mobile friendly?

Do you want people using mobile devices to find your website and hopefully do business with you? We can help.

Do you want to be GDPR compliant? We can help.

Send us your current website address and tell us what, if any, changes you want to make to the content and we will give you a free quote. Should you be happy to proceed we can talk and further discuss your needs and what we can do for you in terms of getting you more prominent listings by ensuring mobile users will benefit from using your revamped website.




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